Sunday, December 27, 2009


So! I hate camping.


Because bad things always happen to me when I go camping.

This is no coincidence.

Bad things that have happened to me while camping:

-Attacked by wild bobcats
-Tormented by evil twins
-Violent diarrhea
-Sleeping on bare hard wood planks in the freezing cold

And the newest entry? A busted kit lens.

I thought I was having a good time, running on the beach at night with new friends while taking shots of bottle rockets.

Until reality set in and I tripped over my own two left feet, completely wiping out in the dark on the sand, and getting approximately one ton of sand in my camera.

My 18-55mm kit lens is completely busted.

At least I got a couple shots in.



Fire Breather

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I know it's not quite time for this yet. But I'm getting pretty anxious to start posting photos!

So, I'll just post this one.

Okay, maybe two.

Hey, MY blog, MY rules. ¿Comprende?

A while back we went to the Miami Planetarium and saw a laser show performed to the music of Radiohead. They gave us these orange, psychedelic, paper glasses with strange symbols on it (like a big eyeball that actually reminds me of the masons "all-seeing eye"- kinda creepy) that, when looked through, turns everything into a vortex of rainbows and lights! Sort of.

Cool Glasses!

Anyway. I took this shot with the glasses held up to the lens. That's it. I will definitely experiment further- Chrismas lights should look pretty trippy, maybe even seizure-inducing! Fun!

Also, I submitted this photo to for consideration as a wallpaper. After it's approved for not containing questionable content (which I'm pretty confident it will, haha) it will be up for voting, and that will decide if it will be featured as a downloadable wallpaper on the website. Cool, huh?

There are no benefits for me, really, other than the bragging rights. Which I wouldn't use anyway. And I'm not saying I think it will be picked at all. There are hundreds of submissions.

I just think it's kinda neat :)

redflower widescreen

EDIT: It's up for voting! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Project Three Sixty-Five: An Improbable Mission

I have too many hobbies. It gets to the point where I lose interest and as a result, I am into a little bit of everything-but not really great at any of them. This blog will be an attempt to back myself into a corner and force my attention upon one thing at least once a day- photography.

Starting January 2010, I will attempt to take one photograph a day and post it here- either with my digital SLR or my iPhone. Or, if I'm being fancy, my film SLR. Or maybe a regular old Casio Exilim point-and-shoot. So many options...I really have no excuse. There is a way for me to take a photo under any circumstance.

Let's see if I can do it.