Wednesday, July 21, 2010

beach day

I've been trying to blog more frequently. But I won't blog without photos to share. I feel bad sometimes that I gave up the 365 project, but today I was thinking about it and I kind of realized that it's not so much about quantity, but quality. Yes, forcing yourself to take a photo everyday will help you improve, but only if your heart is into it. The project was becoming more of a chore, and when you're forced into doing something, your heart is taken out of the equation, and you don't improve. That wasn't my intent.

However, I do feel some sense of motivation again to photograph more often. It may not be every single day (some days just have nothing much to them) but as often as I can.

Today I cut out of work early to meet my sister and her kids at the beach. They are visiting from Clermont and leaving tomorrow. I wouldn't have gotten to see them again had I not taken a half day, and I'm glad I did.

I would have missed this wave...

And this face...

And this moment. I felt like I can hear her thoughts..."there's so much world, and I am so small". She is not afraid of a thing.
there's so much world and I am so small

EDIT: Just an afterthought...I haven't done textures in a while. So here's one. Someone on flickr said one of my photos was overly-processed...I supposed they're probably right, but I think it's a matter of taste.
texturized: I am so small

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