Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old Favorites

Once in a while I like to look back at older shots just for fun.

I took this shot on a trip to Oregon one year. My family and I have always taken this trip annually to visit my dad's parents and family. This was taken with my dad's film SLR (which I claimed as my own when I was about 15), Canon AE-1. I think this was in 2005 or 2006. This shot right now means something to me. This year I won't be going on this trip- because of the wedding/honeymoon I don't have the vacation time and I can't afford to not get paid for that long. My dad and my brother will be going alone, and only for a week. This is the first year I'll be missing it and it kind of makes me sad, even though in the past I would sometimes dread going. Things are changing and it's exciting but then little things like this make me reflect on how my life will never be the same, everything as I know it will change, and sometimes that's a lot to process.

This is my niece, Micaela, which my last post was about. She is 4 now. This was one of the very first shots I was actually very proud of. I think the reason for that was because I finally seemed to get that focus in the right place. The film SLR had no autofocus feature and everything is done manually. Not to mention, you can't tell if you got the shot until you used up the roll and made it over to the lab to get it processed. Learning was slow and sometimes really frustrating. But I got a lot from using that old dinosaur. I still love it.

My brother Mark and Micaela. Before he had a job, or a license, or a car, or graduated high school, or anything. He'll be 18 soon. Where does the time go?

My friend Kristin. She is also getting married. This was taken at a bridal shower for a couple of my friends. The thought that now Kristin is getting hitched, is, well...crazy! Time just goes by really fast.

I was going to scan some other older ones that I've never gotten into the computer, like from 9-10 years ago. But my scanner is acting all wonky.

If you want to see some amazing photography/post processing work, click here.


  1. I really liked this post. I think its because I can definitly relate. My family is going on a trip this year, and I can't really due to the wedding. And I really want to go this time, meanwhile in the past there would also be times where I would "dread" going. I also often think about all the things that will change once I'm married and everything that will be different, like not driving to my parents house after the meeting. Or not having to take out the trash on Wednesday or Saturday. But I am also excited about the new changes...I really liked looking at older photos, and as creepy as it sounds I feel like I've seen the change in your niece and your brother, I think mostly because I've been on your blog alot lately. And the way you express yourself in this post particularly. This post makes me realize we chose the right person to take the photos for our wedding.

  2. Not creepy at all :) Thank you very much :)