Thursday, July 15, 2010


Flugtag, according to Wikipedia, is German for "flight day" or "airshow".

Flugtag, according to ME, is the crappiest crap that ever crapped.

It was hot. 100,000 degrees.

It was crowded. For every degree there was a human crammed into Bayfront Park to see this Flugtag business.

(By the way, I may be exaggerating the heat, but I'm not exaggerating the head count.)

It was also kind of a bore. They took too long in between contestants, the announcers tried to fill the time with their attempt at witty banter ("Hey man, I got drunk with these guys last night. Yeah, I got drunk with them too! We all got drunk! Awesome!") and everyone around me was sweating profusely and stinking profusely. Not a pretty sight.

Jared was sick that day. He shouldn't have gone. This is him sleeping on the way there.

This is a building I saw there.


  1. The photo way at the top, probably one of the funniest pics of a kid ever.

  2. Yeah, she's insane haha. She makes a lot of funny faces

  3. That sunglasses pic has some seriously awesome color tint effect. All these pics are so clear and vivid. Kudos!